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WADBAG will be holding a Game Day on 28 Sept. 2013 at Chez Kuijt in Gaithersburg, Maryland, offering a full schedule of events including the 2013 De Bellis Vasingtonium DBA Tournament.  [More Info]

De  Bellis Vasingtonium is set for 20 Sept. 2008 in conjunction with the Congress of Gamers gaming convention, which will be held o 20-21 Sept. at the Bauer Drive Community Center in Rockville, MD
Cold Wars '08 Highlights:  Shervin Boolarian took honors in Midnight Madness with Anglo-Normans, with David Kuijt in second with Mongol Conquest.  Davids Kuijt and Schlanger ran the Tlatanoi: Aztec Big Mouth and Collapse of 1200 BC campaign tournaments, with David Kuijt taking Aztec honors.  Kuijt and Schlanger took Big Battle Doubles with Chou and Shang Chinese, taking out Jack and Peter Sheriff and their Byzantine/Georgian army in the finals.  Team WADBAG (Kuijt, Schlanger and the Sheriffs) took fourth in the Team Cup.  WADBAG Victrix failed to muster after the blackout. 
WADBAG.Con '08:  David Schlanger took the Collapse of 1200 BC Tournament and Jack Sheriff took the WADBAG.Con Open tourney with Anglo-Irish.
Fall'In '07 Highlights:  In addition to running the Big Battle and Themes tournaments, WADBAGers Schlanger and Kuijt ran the Crusaders in Outremer campaign game at Fall In 2007.  The Davids took second in Big Battle Doubles with Post Mongol Russians. Jack Sheriff's Dacians took second in Warbandia, with David Schlangers Early Visigoths coming in third.  Schlanger took both the Fall In HOTT and Matched Pairs tourneys
De Bellis Vasingtonium:  David Kuijt regained his crown as champion of the De Bellis Vasingtonium 2007 tournament at TriadCon. Jack Sheriff was also undefeated going into the final round, but inflicting the only casualty suffered by David's Ugarits all day in a losing cause with his Later Hungarians.  WADBAG regulars finished a collective 13-7 on the day.
Historicon:  The Davids (Schlanger and Kuijt) took 1st place in Big Battle Doubles at Historicon 2007, with their Grand Battery Meets Coneheads (Ming Chinese with Burmese ally) army.  David Kuijt finally snagged the elusive Midnight Madness title, as well as the Asian Steppe themes.. Former WADBAGer Mark Pozniak took the National Invitational Championship, as well as the Dark Ages Theme. WADBAG-supported events included the Baltic Crusades and a Gothic Wars table-top campaign game.
Team WADBAG (David Kuijt, Terrence McPartland, David Schlanger and Jack Sheriff) took the 2007 Team Cup honors at Cold Wars 2007,  going 7-0-1 against various GLADBAG entries. WADBAG was also well represented in the BBDBA Doubles event with Terence McPartland and Jonathan Miller winning the championship. David Schlanger won the Hordes of the Things Tournament, as well as the Roman Classical Theme on Sunday.
WADBAG hosted The Wrath of Khan theme tournament at Fall In 2006 (10 Nov. 2006)
WADBAG highlights at Historicon 2006 included David Kuijt winning Midnight Madness, the team of Kuijt and Schlanger taking the Big Battle Doubles, and other victories.   Both the Rise and Fall of Rome tourney and the Britannia, 43 AD game were well supported.
WADBAG is pleased to unveil the Unoffical Guide to DBA
Team WADBAG (David Kuijt, Jack "the Butcher" Sheriff, Terence McPartland, and David Schlanger) finished well down in the pack at the 2006 Cold Wars Team Cup event.  WADBAG supported the Big Battle Doubles and DBA Themes tournaments at Cold Wars 2005.
The WADBAG-sponsored Baltic Crusades tourney was awarded an HGMS-East Legion of Honor Battle Star at Fall In 2005.
David Kuijt took top honors at WADBAG's De Bellis Vasingtonium, DBA Open Tourney (24 Sept. 2005).  WADBAG also ran its Chalons Giant Battle event  in conjunction with DBV as part of NOVAG's Fall GameCon.
2005 Historicon Highlights:  WADBAGers Schlanger and Kuijt will fight it out for the 2005 NICT title and also took the Historicon Big Battle Doubles with Later Achaemenid Persians.  Brantley (and Jeff Caruso) teamed to take the Roman Classical Group in Big Battle, but came up short in the quarterfinals.  Schlanger took the Roman Classical Theme.
The Obsidian Throne DBA Fantasy Campaign and Collision of Empires: Heraklius vs. Chosroes 623 AD campaigns have ground to a halt.

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