DBA Schedule for
Congress of Gamers organized by

The Washington Area DBA Gamers (WADBAG)

De Bellis
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How to Get There

DBV will be held at the Rockville Senior Center,
1150 Carnation Dr.
Rockville, MD 20850




2012 DBA Open Tournament

1. Mike Guth, Classical Indian (II/3), 3-1 (79 points)
2. Jack Sheriff, Georgian (III/70a), 3-1 (72 points)
3. Doug Austin, Bosphoran Kingdom (II/25), 3-1 (71 points)
4. Chris Brantley, Hittite Empire (I/24b), 3-1 (69 points)
5. David Kuijt, Sassanid Persian (II/69), 2-2 (54 points)
6. Gordon Stewart, Trojans (I/26b), 2-2 (49 points)
7-8. David Schlanger*, Feudal French (IV/46), 1-2 (25 points)
7-8. Rick Wynn*, Bosphoran Kingdom (II/25), 1-2 (25 points)
9-10. Mike Byrne, Ghaznavids (III/63b), 0-3-1 (6 points)
9-10. Noah Engelmann, Early Imperial Romans (II/56), 0-3-1 (6 points)

*Due to an early departure, two players were only able to complete three rounds.

Mike also took the Mayhem Award with 31 elements killed or lost in four rounds.

Noah Engelmann faced four wiley DBV vets in claiming our First Timer award.

The 8th annual "Wars of Washington, DC" DBA tournament was held on Saturday, 6 Oct. 2012 (1:00-4:30 p.m.) in conjunction with the Congress of Gamers gaming convention, (6-7 Oct.)  at the Rockville Senior Center in Rockville, MD.  DBV was part of a full schedule of WADBAG-supported events organized for COG: 


10:00 a.m. -
 12:00 Noon

Intro to DBA/HOTT

Learn more about ancient/medieval and fantasy miniature wargaming using the DBA and HOTT rules.   Experienced players on hand to show you the ropes with demo games and answers to your questions.  Loaner armies and tables available for pick-up games as well.

GMs:  Chris Brantley and David Kuijt
1:00 p.m. -
5:30 p.m.

De Bellis Vasingtonium
15mm DBA Open Tournament

The 8th Annual “Wars of Washington” DBA 15mm Open Tournament.  Ancient/medieval miniature wargaming using the 2.2+ rules on 30 inch boards.  Players bring any eligible Book I-IV army and terrain (loaners available).  Prizes for winner and runner-up, best newbie and most mayhem.  A friendly, low-pressure tournament good for first time DBA players.

GM: Chris Brantley

6:30 p.m. -
9:30 p.m.

61 Cygni:   Blood, Dirt, and Plasma-bolts

Participate in the colonial conquest of the Spiral Arm, using futuristic tanks and  power suit mechs.  A “Giant Battle” scenario for 8 players using the Hordes of the Things (HotT) rules (MechWarfare variant).  DBA or HotT experience desired, but not required.  Rules will be taught.  All figures and terrain provided.

GM: David Kuijt and David Schlanger


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