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De Bellis Vasingtonium
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The Washington Area DBA Gamers (WADBAG)

Highlights of DBV2007

De Bellis
Polos and T-Shirts

How to Get There

DBV was held at the Bauer Drive Community Center, 14625 Bauer Drive, in the Aspen Hill community of Rockville, Maryland. Directions.

2008 DBA Open Tournament

The 4th annual "Wars of Washington, DC" DBA tournament was held on Saturday, 20 Sept. 2008 in conjunction with the Congress of Gamers gaming convention, at the Bauer Drive Community Center in Rockville, MD.

The day started with a two hour DBA introductory and open gaming session hosted by the David's Kuijt and Schlanger and Chris Brantley.

The afternoon was devoted to De Bellis Vasingtonium, a four round, 15mm open tournament fought on 30" square boards for gamers of all skills levels from the greater Washington-Maryland-Northern Virginia area.  DBV is a qualifying event for the North American Society of Ancient and Medieval Wargames' National Invitational Championship Tournament (NICT) currently held each year at Historicon.

The 2009 DBV Champion was David Kuijt, who was undefeated through four rounds with his Nikephorian Byzantines.  Brendan Sanders came in second with a Later Pre-Islamic Arab-City loaner army.  Brendan tied on points but took second by virtue of head-to-head play against Frank Popecki and his Seleucids, who still earned Best DBV First-Timer honors.  There were no Junior entries.  The honorary "Jack the Butcher" mayhem award was split four ways between Allan Wheeler, Doug Austin, Rob Torres and David Kuijt.  Overall standings are highlighted below:

De Bellis Vasingtonium
(15mm DBA Open Tournament)

Rank Name Army Record Points
1 David Kuijt III/64 4-0 102
2 Brendan Sanders II/23b 3-1 70
3 Frank Popecki II/19c 3-1 70
4 Doug Austin II/44 3-1 68
5 Rob Torres IV/13b 2-2 53
6 Chris Brantley II/28b 2-2 51
7-8 David Schlanger I/32b 2-2 47
7-8 Jan Spoor II/7 2-2 47
9 Joe Walukonis II/37 1-3 27
10-11 Mike Byrne II/32 1-3 26
10-11 Alan Wheeler II/53 1-3 26
12 Joshua Bird II/40 0-4 5



Prize support for De Bellis Vasingtonium IV
was be provided by Fanaticus, the DBA community on-line.

Overall Champion received a DBV Champions Polo.  Other Prizes awarded included:  Essex Chou army pack.  Splintered Light Arthurian army pack.  TerrainGuys 24'' DBA Board.   Zuggy's 30'' Terrain Board.  Splintered Light Robin Hood Personalty Figs.  Turf and Timber Fort (DBA Camp) and Log Fort (DBA Camp).


"To The Strongest"
15mm DBA Theme Tournament

On Saturday evening, the two David's hosted "To the Strongest", a 15mm DBA Theme Tournament, which featured classical armies from the rise of Macedonia under Phillip in 355BC until the dawn of Roman supremacy.  Doug Austin took tournament top honors with Early Armenians, with David Kuijt and his Selucids falling too second with a final round defeat to David Schlanger's Later Achaemenid Persians, who ended up third overall.

Rank Name Army Record Points
1 Doug Austin II/28b 3-1 72
2 David Kuijt II/19c 3-1 70
3 David Schlanger II/7 3-1 69
4 Frank Popecki I/48 2-2 51
5 Brendan Sanders II/23b 2-2 50
6 Rob Torres II/36a 2-2 47
7 Paul Owen II/12 1-3 30
8 mike Byrne I/35d 0-4 5

The location proved convenient and good time was had by all, such that tentative plans were held to continue DBV's association with the Congress of Gamer's convention in 2009.

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