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2007 DBA Open Tournament

The 3rd annual "Wars of Washington, DC" DBA tournament was held on Saturday, 8 Sept. 2007 as part of TriadCon at the University of Maryland in College Park.  A total of 14 players participated in DBV, which is a four round, 15mm open tournament fought on 30" square boards, organized by the Washington Area De Bellis Antiquitatis Gamers (WADBAG).  DBV is a qualifying event for the North American Society of Ancient and Medieval Wargames' National Invitational Championship Tournament (NICT) currently held each year at Historicon.

The 2007 Champion was David Kuijt (right), whose Ugaritics efficiently dispatched all foes, losing only 1 element total in four rounds of battle.  In addition to receiving a Champions DBV polo shirt, David took home the Ayyubid Egyptian army pack provided by Wargames Inc. 

Rob Torres and his Medieval Germans were our second place finisher, losing only his initial match-up against his wife Ruth's Ango-Normans, who bought him dinner as consolation. 

Honorable mentions also to Doug Austin, Jack Sheriff and David McDonald, who finished 3-1 within striking distance of the final leaders.

Most unique result of the day was by Doug Austin who pulled out a 2C-3G victory in the final round, taking the enemy's camp to win the game despite having lost his general.

Sean Ricketson took both the Best Camp award with his Ch'in Chinese pavilion and the Butcher's Award for participating in 28 elements of mayhem in four rounds of play, which is the new DBV record.  That's a combined attrition rate of 29%.  Also in the mayhem category, Brendan Sanders deserves note for his 27 elements, including a 0-6 loss to Sean and a 7-0 victory over Mike Byrne. Ruth Torres kept the competition tight with 26 elements killed/lost.  The infamous Jack "The Butcher" Sheriff managed 21 elements of carnage in the quest for his namesake award.

The Sportsmanship Award was presented to Terence McPartland, who deferred tournament play to spend the afternoon providing DBA tutelage to visiting members of the American University Gaming Society.  Special mention also to Casey Campbell, playing in his first DBA tournament with Early Hoplite-Spartans.

Here are the final event standings:

Rank Player Army W/L Points
1 David Kuijt Ugaritic (I/20a) 4-0 95
2 Rob Torres Medieval Germans (IV/13a) 3-1 77
3 Jack Sheriff Later Hungarians (IV43c) 3-1 73
4 David McDonald Hittite Empire (I/24b) 3-1 69
5 Doug Austin Commagene (II/44) 3-1 66
6 Jan Spoor Alexandrian Imperials (II/15) 2-2 57
7-8 Brendan Sanders New Kingdom Egyptians (I/22a) 2-2 53
7-8 David Schlanger Komnenan Byzantine (IV/1b) 2-2 53
9 Chris Brantley Sea Peoples (I/28) 2-2 49
10 Sean Ricketson Ch'in Chinese (II/4a) 1-3 33
11 Ruth Torres Anglo-Normans (IV/3) 1-3 29
12 Chris Huhn HYW English (IV/62) 1-3 27
13 Mike Byrne Central Asian Turks (III/11b) 1-3 26
14 Casey Campbell Early Hoplite Spartans (I/52c) 0-4 2

Play was fast-paced, with all games reaching completion and several decided at the wire.  A total of 7 generals were killed and 2 camps taken in the 28 games played comprising the tournament.  The army results by book were:

Book I 11-9
Book II 6-6
Book III 1-3
Book IV 10-10

Here are some photographic highlights:

First round gaming gets underway.

First round from another angle.

Terence McPartland (center/grey) tutors AU gamers.

Jan Spoor (left) and his Alexandrian Imperials mix it up with Ruth Torres' Anglo-Normans, while David Kuijt (back/left) and Doug Austin (back/right) square-off in the background.

Chris Huhn (right) aims the fickle finger of fate as his HYW English
threaten to envelop the flanks of Casey Campbell's double-ranked Spartans (left).  In the background, Brendan Sanders (left) with New Kingdom Egyptians face off against Mike Byrne's Central Asian Turks.

Sean Ricketson (left) and Rob Torres (right) square off
in the foreground, while David Schanger (back/left)
faces Jack Sheriff (back/right) in third round match-ups.
A kneeling David McDonald looks on with his Hittite Hat of Eyes.

Doug Austin (left) and David Schlanger (right) ponder their
tactical options in a close-fought final round battle.

David Kuijt's Ugarits (left) take it to Jack Sheriff's Later Hungarians (center/right) in the climatic championship battle, while a headless Jan Spoor and Rob Torres (lower right) look on.

DBA 07 Prizes on Display



Prize support for De Bellis Vasingtonium III
was generously provided by the following sponsors:

Wargames Inc.
U.S. distributor of Essex ancient/medieval figures
and DBA army packs.

Age of Glory
A Maryland-based stockist of Foundry
and Perry Miniatures.

The DBA community on-line.



Prior to DBV, the David's Kuijt and Schlanger ran a HOTT-Star Wars demo game dubbed the "2d Assault on Naboo".

This hypothetical battle was set six months after the Battle of Geonosis. A major Separatist force has invaded Naboo and moves to crush the local forces before the Republic can react. A scratched-together Republic force, stiffened by a fast-response team of Jedi Knights, is all that stands in their way, although a relief force of Clone Troopers is coming as fast as it can fight its way through the Separatist blockade.

The Separatist force pressed the outnumbered Republic forces, threatening to overwhelm them in a powerful drive to destroy the planet's shield generator facility.  In two climatic combats, however, Poggle the Lesser, commanding the Genenosian forces in the center, went down, and Jedi master Mace Windu defeated General Grievous and his guards in a dramatic single combat.  With half their army demoralized, Count Dooku and the remaining Separatist forces pressed on, nearly reaching their objective, when masses of clone troopers arrived to save the day for the Republic. 

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