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2006 Washington, DC
DBA Open Tournament

The 2d annual "Wars of Washington, DC" DBA tournament was held on 17 Sept. 2005 as part of TriadCon at the University of Maryland in College Park.  The four round open tournament was fought in 15mm scale on 30" square boards. We drew 16 players, including two spouses (who both landed victories in their first DBA tournament outings) and a boyfriend/girlfriend team.

David Schlanger and David Kuijt ran neck and neck for top honors, with Schlanger taking the tournament on a "count-back" tie-breaker.

Chris Huhn and Ruth Torres shared honors as the best Tournament Newbies.

In a very close result, Mike Byrne took home the much vaunted Butcher's Prize for most elements killed/lost in the four round tourney.

Play varied from impetuous to deliberate, with seven generals dying in 32 games, and with 6 ties.

Prizes were contributed by Jeff Caruso at Pass o' the North (Gallic army pack), Matt Gilford at Castle Hobbies & Games (Isarus samples and army packs) and by the folks at Wargames, Inc. (gift certificates). 

Rank Player Army Record Points
1 David Schlanger I/50 Lydians 3-0-1 73
2 David Kuijt IV/13c Medieval Germans 3-0-1 73
3-4 Shervin Boloorian II/71 Gepids 2-1-1 51
3-4 Bryan McEachern II/11 Gallic 2-1-1 51
5 Harry Morris II/3 Classical Indians 2-2 49
6 Jonathan Miller IV/64 Medieval French 2-0-2 48
7 Mike Byrne III/64 Ghaznavids 2-2 48
8 Rob Torres III/63b Ghaznavids 2-1-1 47
9-10 Chris Huhn II/33 Polybian Roman 1-3 28
9-10 Ruth Torres II/42b Tamil Indian 1-3 28
11 Jim Miller II/20 Early Ptolemaic 1-2-1 27
12 Chris Brantley IV/30 Teutonic Order 1-3 26
13 Gina McEachern II/33 Polybian Roman 1-3 23
14 Brendan Sanders II/81c Sub-Roman British 0-3-1 6
15 Tom Taggart II/56 Early Imperial Roman 0-3-1 3

John Stafford participated in the tournament with Classical Indians (II/3), but was not counted against the rankings.

First round action is underway

Brian McEachern (R) gives it two thumbs up.

Mike Byrne (L) and Jonathan Miller (R) see how
many groups they can break up into.

Bob and Cleo Liebl (foreground) dropped by for the DBA Demo
and ended up squaring off for two rounds of
Ancient British vs. Early Imperial Romans.

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