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2005 Washington, DC DBA Open Tournament
& Chalons Giant Battle Event

The first ever "Wars of Washington, DC" DBA tournament was held on 24 Sept. 2005 (1-6 p.m.) as part of the NOVAG GameCon at the Washington Bible College in Lanham, Maryland. 

The tournament was deemed a success, drawing twelve contestants who all seemed to have a good time. We ran it as a 15mm open tournament, with four rounds, and winner determined by points. Pairings were made by time period/historical opponents in the early rounds, and then by point standing in the later rounds, with high points vs. high points, etc.

Here are the final results:

Finish Player Army Record Points
1 David Kuijt Ghurids 4-0 91
2 David Schlanger L. Ach. Persians 3-0-1 75
3 David Ray Sassanids 2-1-1 53
4 John Stafford Pre-Islamic Nomads 2-1-1 52
5 Jack Sheriff Georgians 2-2 51
6 Bryan McEachern Pre-Feudal Scots 2-2 49
7 Matt Torres East Franks 2-2 47
8 Rob Torres L. Roman East 2-2 44
9 Mark Rodriquez Hittite Empire 1-2-1 28
10 George Duden Suevi 1-3 25
11 Peter Sheriff Campanians 1-3 23
12 Raul Rodriguez Early Imperial Romans 0-4 1

Matt Torres and George Duden shared "The Butcher's" prize with 21 elements of mayhem apiece.  Generals, in general, were an endangered species, with 8 generals lost in 24 total games. Half of those lost generals were 1G-0 results, meaning there was a lot of headhunting going on.

Another interesting aspect of the tourney was the heavy preference for book II armies. Of 12 players, our distribution was as follows:

Book 1: 1
Book 2: 7
Book 3: 3
Book 4: 1

We had three father-son pairs competing -- Jack (The Butcher) and Peter (The Cleaver) Sheriff , Rob and Matt Torres, and Raul and Mark Rodriguez (both DBA newbies, with Mark trying out DBA as an alternative to Warhammer and Rome: Total War).

Our longest traveler award goes to George Duden, who came all the way from Delaware, where he is doing some contracting work, although he calls the Washington area home. George also took our Best Camp competition.

Kudos to all our players for helping the newbies learn the ropes.

And a special word of appreciation to Jack Sheriff, who made it despite a flat tire on route and then went on the pizza run after the concession stand ran out of food.

Following the tourney, many stayed on to participate in WADBAG's Chalons 451 AD Giant Battle event.

A DBA Giant Battle Event
6:00-9:00 p.m.

As part of the DBA experience at NOVAG Game-Day, WADBAG will run their highly acclaimed DBA Chalons Giant Battle Scenario.   Aetius with his Romans and Visigothic allies bring Atilla's Huns and allies to bay in a decisive battle fought on the Campus Martius to save the Western Roman Empire.  Up to eight players will take on the roles of key figures in this historical battle.   All armies provided.  Please note that some DBA experience is REQUIRED.

Organizer/Umpire: David Kuijt and David Schlanger

Sponsors: WADBAG

Last Updated:  5 May 2007

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