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Book One -- The Chariot Period
I/22(b) - New Kingdom Egyptian
I/24(ab) - Hittite Empire
I/55(bcd)/I/59 - Early Roman/Latin (Tullian morph)
I/57 (ab) - Etruscan League
I/59  - Tullian Roman (Early Roman/Latin morph)
Book Two -- The Classical Period
II/5a - Spartan (Later Hoplite Greek)
II/23c - Later Pre-Islamic Arabs (Yemeni)
II/32 - Later Carthaginian (6mm)
II/33 - Polybian Roman (6mm)
II/39 (abc) - Ancient Spanish
II/55 - Nobades (Auxumite/Christian Nubian Morph)
II/56 - Early Imperial Roman (x3)
II/60 - Caledonian
II/62 - Auxumite (Nobades/Christian Nubian Morph)
II/66 - Early Vandal (also II/73)
II/68 (ab) - Pictish
II/81 (abcd) - Sub-Roman British
II/81d - Strathclyde Brits (Sub-Romans)
Book Three -- The Early Medieval Period
III/1a - Wends (Wend/Prussian morph)
III/12 - Christian Nubian (Nobades/Auxumite Morph)
III/40 (abc) - Norse Viking/Leidang
III/42 - Dog People/Pueblo Cultures
III/45 (ab) - Pre-Feudal Scots
III/53 - Qhitan-Liao
Book Four -- The High Medieval Period
IV/7 - Early Crusader
IV/19 - Tarascan/Toltec-Chichimec
IV/28 - Prussians (Prussian/Wend morph)
IV/30 - Teutonic Order
IV/53 - Mixtec/Zapotec
IV/44 - Post Mongol Russians
IV/65 - Moldavians
IV/76 - Early Burgundian
Current Projects
I/36 - Italian Hill Tribes  (Old Glory mix)
I/47 - Illyrian (Old Glory mix)
I/52 (a) - Argives (Early Hoplite Greek) (AB)
II/54 - Dalraidic Scots (Scots-Irish) (Feudal Castings/Essex)
II/73 - Jutes (Old Glory)
III/8 - Central Asian City States/III/43 (c) - Samanids (Mix)
III/19 (abc) - Welsh (Essex, Feudal Castings)
III/24 - Middle Anglo-Saxon (Two Dragons, Essex, others)
III/46 - Norse-Irish/Scots-Irish morph (Feudal Castings)
IV/9 - Eastern Forest American/Inuit  (M.Y. Miniatures)
IV/10 - Mound Builder Indian/American (Eureka)
IV/11 - NW American Indian (Eureka)
IV/12c - Hawaiians (Eureka)
IV54 (abcd) - Medieval Scandinavians (Essex, Gladiator, mix)
IV/72 - Amazonians (Eureka)

Last Updated:   27 July 2006

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