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The Unofficial Guide to DBA UPDATED FOR v2.2+

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This version of The Unofficial Guide to DBA  is designed to help introduce gamers to DBA 2.2 using the v2.2+ rules modifications.

In September 2012, a group of DBA tournament organizers released the v2.2+ amendments for DBA. The amendments provide a number of improvements to DBA 2.2, while maintaining the overall feel of play and maintaining consistency with DBA 2.2 armies. Since that time, v2.2+ has seen widespread adoption and is being played worldwide.

The authors hope that newcomers to DBA 2.2 and the v2.2+ modifications will find it a bit easier to jump in. While there is no substitute for sitting down and playing a game with an experienced player, having an accessible explanation available can only serve to broaden the reach of DBA.

Second, we also hope the guide will facilitate play and encourage consistent rules interpretations among the community of gamers who use DBA 2.2 with the v2.2+ modifications for tournament, club or home play.  It is written by a group of active players and written with the community of active players in mind. If it makes it a little easier for gamers with different backgrounds to play with a common understanding of the rules, then we have been successful in our aim.

Disclaimer:  Gamers should note that this Guide is written specifically to reflect the DBA 2.2 rules with the v2.2+ modifications, and may be confusing to players wishing to play according to the original DBA 2.2 or the forthcoming DBA 3.0 rules.  See the original Unofficial Guide to DBA for help with the unmodified DBA 2.2 rules.


The Unofficial Guide to DBA with v2.2+ Modifications
      -- Formatted for two-sided printing --
-- Current version (November 2013) --

Unofficial FAQ

How often will the guide be updated?

We don't anticipate making many changes to the guide. If necessary, we'll update it to correct any errors or omissions that may be found. Or if any sections turn out to be less clear than we've hoped they would be. Other than that, we expect the guide to stay in its current form.

What about all the things that weren't covered?

There were many quirky situations that we couldn't cover in the guide and still keep it to a reasonable length. And there will certainly be new questions that come up over time. Individuals with questions or proposals are encouraged to post them in the Fanaticus v2.2+ Forum.

I've found something that's wrong. Or missing. Or unclear. How do I let you know?

We welcome input on the guide. Please pass along anything you think is wrong or missing or unclear. Or if you just have a suggestion. You can contact us at

Can I make a copy of the guide, or pass it along to someone else?

You can copy and distribute the guide however you like, as long as you're not doing it for commercial purposes.

Is the guide available in a printed version?

Not at this point. However, it's easy to have it printed. In the United States, Kinko's will print a double-sided, coil-bound copy of the guide for about $15.

Last Updated: 14 November 2013